Circuit Deals was founded in 2020 by BackBone Ventures AG, a Zurich based venture capital firm, that decided to share its deal flow with inquisitive individuals and institutionals. 

Every year more than 2'000 start-ups are screened, where 300 of the founders are personally spoken to, and finally, after an in-depth analysis, broken down to a few deals per month. 

Since it makes no sense to sit on this kind of extensive information, the Circuit was invented, where you can sight new start-ups and find an individual way through the jungle.


All you need is an interest or passion for early-stage start-ups in the technological sector. All the deals presented are in the area of ICT (information and communication technologies) or food technologies.

Pitch decks, in-depth analysis and video pitches are uploaded to the platform for each company to give an overview. As a member you can browse through promising and outstanding start-ups with frequent newcomers. 

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