Out of the over 2000 screened start-ups, how many deals are sourced per year on Circuit Deals?

About 12 to 20 start-ups are added to the website each year. We offer you only the most promising and exclusive start-ups that we have or have had an eye on. As a member you will receive an email with every upload of a new startup.

How can I make an investment?

Under "DEAL FLOW" you can find all startups as well as their pitch decks and in-depth analyses. To make the investment with an expert click on “Investment Facilitator” at the end of each deal page to reach out to us. Our professionals will soon get in touch with you to discuss the next steps. Or send us a message in "CONTACT"

Who sources the deals?

All startups listed on the website are sourced by BackBone Ventures AG and represent possible or existing commitments of the Swiss venture capitalist. If you want to find out more about BackBone, come and visit us on LinkedIn or our website backboneventures.ch.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in your account, after logging in click on "My account" in the drop down menu (top right). Just confirm your wish to cancel your membership by email and we will do the rest. We are always happy to hear your suggestions for improvements.

Can I get deals from other industries?

If you want a specfic deal flow, you can get a customized offer. Please get in touch and we will design your individual package based on your wishes.

Is there a professional or corporate solution in place?

If you and your team are looking for a specified solution, multiple user accounts or other adaptions on the product, please get in touch and we will develop an individual package for you.


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